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Thank you

Heartfelt thanks for everyone's support. Together we are saving lives!

Donate Materials for Feral Cat Shelters

Colony Cats (& dogs) would like to thank Nathan Sears who is building feral cat shelters for his Eagle Scout project. The shelters will be placed, at Colony Cats' discretion, around the Columbus area.

To help Nathan complete his project we are reaching out to our supporters for donations
of materials he is most in need of including:

Photo of feral cat

15 (or more) - 4x8 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood
10 lbs. of 1 5/8 inch coated deck screws
10 lbs. of 2 1/2 inch deck screws
2 packages of Roofing Shingles
15 - Hook and Latch sets

He is also accepting the following:

4x4s (20 inches or longer)
2x4s (24 inches or longer)
1x3s (24 inches or longer)
Dark Green Outdoor Paint
Paint Brushes

Please contact Nathan by phone: 614-204-8635 or by email: nathansears@live.com
to schedule a time to drop off your donation.

September Volunteer of the Month: MAURA BAKER

Maura Stray Cat tips

We love our volunteers! They give so much to help
us, so we're giving them a big "shout-out" with our Volunteer of the Month feature.

Introducing our September Volunteer of the Month –
Maura Baker. What she loves best about volunteering with us is promoting the mission of Colony Cats (& dogs) and helping the homeless and abused.

For the last 12 years she has been feeding and caring for two managed colonies of cats. Her wish is for more compassion from humans toward animals, especially community cats without homes.

Click here to read more and learn all about Maura.
(She has great advice for new Colony Cats volunteers!)

NEW! Recurring Monthly Donation Program

A recurring monthly donation is an easy way to give animals in need a deserving second chance throughout the year. By signing up, the amount you choose to donate will automatically go to Colony Cats each month. These tax-deductible contributions are ongoing but you may change or cancel at any time by contacting donate@colonycats.org.

Click the Button
to get started!

Setting up your Monthly Donation is easy – just click our "Donate" button. A PayPal page will open. Enter your donation amount and be sure to click the box labeled "Make This Recurring (Monthly)", then enter the rest of your information.

To make a one-time donation click our "Donate" button. A PayPal page will open. Enter your donation amount but don't click the box labeled "Make This Recurring (Monthly)".

Visit our Donate page to read more about how your donations directly benefit animals in need, and to learn about all of our donation options.

Spay/Neuter your pet! be part of the solution to end pet overpopulation.

SPAY/NEUTER - the only solution!

Overpopulation due to unaltered pets contributes
to problems of neglect, abandonment, suffering,
crowded shelters and sadly euthanasia.

Please be part of the only solution - please fix your pet.
There are affordable solutions and help available.

Click here to see our listing of local, low-cost
spay/neuter resources.

Colony Cats Adoption Center Wish List


A great way you can help out is to donate useful and much needed items to Colony Cats Adoption Center.

Here's a wish list our kitties put together - print it and take it with you while shopping, or post it in your community. Your donation of items will help make their wishes come true!! (Of course, their biggest wish of all is a forever home.)

Please drop off items during the Adoption Center's open hours: Tue–Fri 4 pm-7 pm • Sat–Sun 12-4 pm
2740 Festival Lane, Dublin OH 43017 • 614-593-0055

You can also donate items using Colony Cats' Amazon Wish List. Just click here to shop online for useful items that we've picked out. It's another great way to make a donation of things we really need!

Pictures of cats at adoption center


At Colony Cats Adoption Center, the "pawsitives" of volunteering abound - literally! As a helper at our cageless center, you will be entertained by the playful antics of our cat adoptees - they're up, down and all around! Pitch in with other animal lovers to keep the center tidy and care for the cats. Hours are flexible to your schedule.

If one of your favorite sounds is "meow" please contact us now! 614-570-0471 or by email.

Colony Cats Adoption Center:
2740 Festival Lane, Dublin OH 43017
Hours: Tue–Fri 4 pm – 7 pm • Sat–Sun 12 noon – 4 pm

Ready to get started?
Just download and fill out the Volunteer Opportunities and Application Form.
You can either bring it by the Adoption Center (address above)
or mail it to: Colony Cats, P.O. Box 163904, Columbus, OH 43216-3904

Want to help us spread the word? Click here to download our Volunteer Flyer.
Print it out, and share with your friends and family. The more the "meowier"!

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